Featured Services

Below are some of the conditions treated at our office :

  • Optimizing our lifestyle by adopting an attitude of continual learning and brain retraining

  • Chronic degenerative diseases including hypertension and heart disease, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, arthritis, diabetes

  • Acute conditions including infections, and injuries

  • Behavioral health concerns including anxiety and depression

  • Well woman care

Ten top services:

  • Management of chronic conditions with amelioration and when possible reversal

  • Acute conditions: infections, injuries, other physical complaints

  • Behavioral health issues: anxiety, depression, insomnia, attention deficit disorder

  • Well woman care: Pap, pelvic exams, bone density scans, mammograms

  • Preventive Care maintenance: vaccines, cancer surveillance

  • Procedures: Simple skin biopsies (NP Scott); Hip and shoulder joint injections (NP Tucker)

  • Advance care planning: living will, advanced directive, DNR discussions, end of life care

  • Lab services : diagnostic blood and urine tests, EKG’s, pulmonary function testing

Other services available from non Ars Nova providers:

  • Diabetic teaching from Arizona Community Physicians-our parent organization
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